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Early Pecan History:

      The pecan is indigenous to North America, especially adapted to growth in Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, and in Alabama to the Tombigbee River.

      The discovery of the pecan belongs to the American Indians.  They called them “Pacans”, an Indian word designating all nuts with a shell that had to be cracked with a stone.  Early Settlers thought that pecans could be propagated only by planting seed. However, in 1846 a Louisiana farm was successful in grafting 16 trees.  Through this process of budding and grafting, farmers were able to cultivate pecans on a commercial basis to meet a growing national demand; and over the years, the number of cultivated varieties increased substantially.

Now Taking Orders for 2024!


Vann Farms Pecan Nursery is located just south of Baconton, Ga. off of Highway 19. We produce a wide variety of quality pecan trees including Caddo, Cape Fear, Creek, Elliot, Kiowa, Lakota, Oconee, Pawnee, Avalon, Ellis, Sumner, and Zinner. 


Our family is delighted to assist our customers in pecan nursery purchases. We are very proud that a large portion of our business is composed of returning customers who return to our farm looking for that new variety of pecan tree.

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